Eric K. Ku


Eric remembers attempting to explain to his Taiwanese parents during elementary school the difference between using the words “bandit” and “thief”. Little did he know that less than twenty years later, he will have discovered a passion for teaching and be completing graduate studies in TESOL. Eric is currently an instructor at the SFSU’s American Language Institute where he teaches oral communication skills and pronunciation.

Presentation Abstract:

Six Degrees of Separation: Why Social Networks Matter in the ESL Classroom

It is our hope as teachers that in classroom communication, our students are never separated by as much as “six degrees”, that they interact willingly and personally with each other through the connections and relationships they make in class – their social network. This presentation describes my case study findings from using social network theory to examine the patterns of student communication in my classroom and visualize how an individual student’s communication patterns are influenced by peers.

Print presentation handout (PDF).

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