Chelsea Lo


Chelsea has always been interested in the intersection of language, culture and identity. Upon earning her B.S. in Business Administration from USC, she began studying Mandarin as a way of exploring her roots. She traveled to Shanghai, where she tutored students in English and became inspired to pursue teaching as a profession. As a student in SFSU’s M.A. TESOL program, she has worked with Project SHINE and Refugee Transitions and is currently an instructor at SFSU’s American Language Institute and in the Composition for Multilingual Students Program. Chelsea plans to continue her involvement in community-based ESL and is committed to developing her skills as an academic ESL instructor.

Presentation Abstracts:

Forging New Identities in New Communities: Service Learning for International Students

International students can experience difficulty creating new identities as confident, capable English language users. A service-learning experience can provide a structured context and purpose for these students to interact with other university students and members of the greater community off campus. This presentation describes a pilot project to incorporate international students studying at an Intensive English Program, the American Language Institute at SFSU, into a service-learning program, Project SHINE. The presenters will describe the background, curriculum model, and implementation of the pilot project, and discuss the impacts of service learning on these students’ personal identity development and membership in new communities, based on students’ reflections and discussions.

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