Ju Young Han


Ju came to the U.S. with the goal of reading her favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye, in English. After meeting inspiring English teachers, she decided to become like them to help students learn English which led her to SFSU’s MATESOL program. She is eager to apply her knowledge and open her own language school in Korea after graduation.

Presentation Abstract:

Developing an English language Curriculum for Young Learners in Korea

This presentation outlines essential components of curriculum development using her future English language teaching context in Korea. The presenter asserts that when designing an English language curriculum for young learners in EFL contexts, curriculum developers and teachers have to analyze the context where the language teaching takes place and take children’s developmental process into consideration before determining what and how to teach English. This presentation will give the audience an overview of curriculum development and help them understand how the components of curriculum works organically which will determine the success of delivery of the curriculum.

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