Naotoshi Furuta


Naotoshi Furuta was fascinated with the glamour of English grammar as an undergraduate student and thus found himself more and more absorbed in understanding English language learning/teaching. So after teaching English for 7 years in Japan, he enrolled in the MA TESOL program at SFSU. After graduation, he plans to resume teaching English in Japan. He loves teaching a foreign language but as a grammar geek he also enjoys philological studies of English.

Presentation Abstract:

A corpus-based analysis of get in native and non-native business meetings

Using corpora, this project investigates the use of high frequency verbs (particularly, the verb get) by native speakers (NSs) and non-native speakers (NNSs) in business meetings. The presenter will address the following research questions and discuss the pedagogical implications: What kind of verbs are frequently used by NSs and NNS in business meetings? Do NSs and NNSs use GET in different ways in business meetings? If so, what are the main differences and how can they be accounted for? The presenter demonstrates how we can teach grammar to advanced NNS students to an even higher level of proficiency.

Print presentation handout (PDF)

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