Chris Frosini


Chris Frosini went to teach English in Japan for a year and ended up staying in Asia for four. He discovered that not only did he love living abroad, he also loved his job. Wanting to take his career to the next level, Chris enrolled in SFSU’s MA TESOL program. After he graduates, he would like to teach at the university level in South Korea and learn how to skateboard.

Presentation Abstract:

Teachers’ Perceptions of Implementing Communicative Approaches in South Korean Universities

Over the years there has been a great deal of discussion about using communicative approaches in the East Asian EFL context. Although much of the research has been focused on these approaches in secondary education, information on communicative approaches applied in university settings is not as robust. This small-scale qualitative study surveys and interviews South Korean teachers at the tertiary level to understand their views of the communicative nature of their classrooms and how this affects learners’ motivation. With the aid of this information, suggestions are made regarding how to “adapt not adopt” communicative approaches for the Korean university context.

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