Madoka Kanai


Madoka Kanai gained an early appreciation for languages during her nomadic childhood in NY, Chicago and Tokyo. After getting her B.A. in journalism, she has worked in various industries ranging from broadcasting, language teaching and publishing. Her last project on English textbook series led her to join the M.A. TESOL program. Madoka currently teaches at the American Language Institute and hopes to continue supporting international students studying in the U.S.

Presentation Abstracts:

Making Students Become Strong Presenters with Body Language Activities

Having good presentation skills can change the prospect of your success in both the academic and the business world. The number one challenge for ESL students in public speaking is dealing with their nervousness. Teaching body languages can help your students to project confidence and become strong presenters. Based on her students’ need analysis and feedback, the presenter will share some simple body language activities that teachers can use to improve students’ presentation delivery skills.

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