Monique Aas


Monique’s love of travel and teaching English combined well and allowed her to live and teach in many interesting cities around the world.  When she decided to settle down in San Francisco, she began the M.A. TESOL program to update and broaden her knowledge of pedagogical theory and research.  She looks forward to establishing roots in San Francisco’s ESL community.

Presentation Abstract:

Cultures Clash: Lessons to address them in the ESL class.

The ESL classroom is unique in that we teach people who represent many different cultures, all with the goal of learning English.  This means that it is a classroom with a diversity of perspectives and sometimes conflicting views.  How can teachers address these multitudes of viewpoints in a way that fosters cultural tolerance and is conducive to language learning?  The presenter shares some experiences of incidents of cultures that have clashed in the ESL classroom.  She then outlines a unit that can help create a classroom environment that fosters a safe environment for the discussion of cultural issues.

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