Heather DeSmidt


Growing up in the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Bay Area and coming from a household of educators, Heather has cultivated a passion for language learning and an appreciation for learners’ needs.  This deep interest inspired her to pursue a degree in TESOL in order to become an excellent language educator.  Heather plans to stay in her native Oakland after graduation and continue empowering students through language acquisition.

Presentation Abstract:

May I Have Your Attention? Awareness-Raising Activities for Oral Skills.

The role of awareness-raising or noticing activities in promoting second language development has been established through SLA research, but how can ESL practitioners implement these activities effectively in order to promote greater student success, especially in teaching oral production skills like pronunciation? The presenter will pin point areas in an academic oral skills curriculum in which pronunciation awareness-raising activities can be incorporated and will share best practices for implementing them based on research, self-reflection, feedback from observations and results from a student questionnaire.

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